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Sue Brown

I have been enjoying the benefits of CBD oil for about 4 months now. I thank God for this natural medicine that has relieved my arthritic pain without any side effects or adverse reactions. I am a retired nurse and had been on an anti-inflammatory medication for 20 years and a nerve medicine for about 4 years. I no longer take any pharmaceutical or over the counter med. CBD oil has almost completely rid my body of safely and with no dangerous side effects. I still have occasional discomfort that is very tolerable. But at 71 years of age, I am free of the debilitating pain. When I told my Doctor I was taking CBD, she was very accepting and glad for me and seemed willing to share the info with her patients.
Ted has been wonderful to deal with. He is kind, concerned and very knowledgeable on CBD oil and always available and willing to talk and answer any questions I might have. I always receive my order within 2 days of ordering. I hope everyone who tries CBD oil has as good results as I have had.
Thanks Ted and thank you God!!

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