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Bree M

I was really struck by how hard working and genuine this man is. Meeting him in person you can tell he has a kind hearted soul. I almost invited him out for a drink just cause he seemed so personable and looks like he has a million great stories. I got the full spectrum oil and it’s been a God send.. One thing to note is that there’s no physical store front so contact directly or order online.

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Jordan Wentz

Ted is absolutely fantastic to work with and his product is top notch. I actually give CBD oil to my dogs and have had great success in helping their arthritis and anxiety. I get the 1000mg bottle with THC for them and it really works. I also send it to my mother in Colorado who has Stage IV metastic colon cancer. She reports that she feels better when she takes it and even prefers it to the CBD oil she can buy locally. She started the CBD oil along with bio-enteric curcumin and chemotherapy in October and her tumors have since reduced in size. If you’re not sure about taking CBD oil, give Ted a call! He is the easiest guy in the world to talk to and he will give you all of the information you need to make an educated decision.

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Micah Nash

Bought CBD 1000mg maximum strength for my German shephard with hip dysplasia. On it for 2 months now appears to be helping immensely, more energy, gets up and down easier. I believe it’s working well. Now ,a family member with chronic emphazima, high blood pressure, arthritis has been using it for a month. Up to 10 drops twice a day now and says arthritis is better , blood pressure back to normal and holding, breathes better, less anxiety, sleeps better, and more energy. Doctor said whatever we are doing keep it up, seems to be helping greatly. Been a long time coming, finally a turn for the better.

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Sheila Campney

My husband and I started taking CBD oil in June. I am amazed how much better I feel and I am no longer taking the prescription medication I was n for anxiety and I don’t have the aching joints in my hands that I had before starting the oil.
My husband who has chronic back pain and injuries from a severe motorcycle accident has finally found relief from the pain!! I strongly recommend BA New Leaf CBD for everyone!!!

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Laura Wilson

I highly recommend this company! Ted is very easy to work with and the CBD oil always arrives quickly. We have tried different pain medicine for our dogs that the vet recommended and they never worked. Plus all pharmaceuticals are taxing on the liver and kidneys, especially with seniors. New Leaf on Life’s CBD was recommended to me by a friend, and we have had wonderful success with this CBD oil. We have a 16-year-old Ridgeback who has had orthopedic surgery, in addition to severe arthritis and bone spurs, and she is feeling and walking better than when she was on pain meds. We also have a 12-year-old Mastiff mix who no longer groans in pain trying to get up from his dog bed. Both dogs have a MUCH better quality of life and we couldn’t be more grateful for this.

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Brenda Breshears

I started giving the oil to my aging Lab (14 yrs) for hip displaysia and he is doing much better. He has better mobility and is becoming more active. I will be starting my old Chihuahua on it to see if it will help in decreasing his seizures. Ted is awesome as far as Customer Service and Support. I will not go anywhere else.

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I began using these products to relieve some joint stiffness and quite a bit of pain associated with that. What I wasn’t expecting was the relief of my anxiety. What a great side effect! I’ve been using CBD isolate for over a year now. Research I’ve been doing said full spectrum CBD would get better results. So thankful I found this product and Mr. Brannon. Ted was able to answer every question I had, and was happy to deliver. Truly, he is “good people”! Give him a call. You won’t regret it!