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Google Reviews as of August 26, 2019


Pam Long

*****  3 weeks ago

Ted’s knowledge and expertise are amazing to me and I trust his products implicitly. We have used his CBD oils and the benefits have been truly amazing! New Leaf on Life is the place to get your oil!

Sue Brown

***** 8 weeks ago

I have been enjoying the benefits of CBD oil for about 4 months now. I thank God for this natural medicine that has relieved my arthritic pain without any side effects or adverse reactions. I am a retired nurse and had been on anti-inflammatory medication for 20 years and a nerve medicine for about 4 years. I no longer take any pharmaceutical or over the counter med. CBD oil has almost completely rid my body of safely and with no dangerous side effects. I still have occasional discomfort that is very tolerable. But at 71 years of age, I am free of the debilitating pain. When I told my Doctor I was taking CBD, she was very accepting and glad for me and seemed willing to share the info with her patients. Ted has been wonderful to deal with. He is kind, concerned and very knowledgeable on CBD oil and always available and willing to talk and answer any questions I might have. I always receive my order within 2 days of ordering. I hope everyone who tries CBD oil has as good results as I have had. Thanks, Ted and thank you, God!!

Nolan Edwards

***** 8 weeks ago

I have purchased from New Leaf Whole Life 3x in a year. They are a class act. Timely and accurate in their business. They are willing to make sure you know how to use the products. I have used other products but the quality is top-notch. Some other products I purchased from others are just plain nasty. Good honest business practices. You will get what you’re paying for.

Billie Renegar

***** 9 weeks ago

Patti Deen

***** 9 weeks ago

Ted first suggested CBD oil to treat my beloved dog who had a cancerous tumor. The CBD oil prolonged her life and kept her calm and happy. I started taking it for arthritis and it has definitely improved my creaky knees. High-quality product from a knowledgable man!

Stefanie Hunt

***** 9 weeks ago

This stuff has been a blessing to our family. Even our dog feels better! And you truly can not beat Ted’s customer service. I can’t say enough good things about New Leaf and Ted!

Jordan Wentz

***** 30 weeks ago

Ted is absolutely fantastic to work with and his product is top-notch. I actually give CBD oil to my dogs and have had great success in helping their arthritis and anxiety. I get the 1000mg bottle with THC for them and it really works. I also send it to my mother in Colorado who has Stage IV metastatic colon cancer. She reports that she feels better when she takes it and even prefers it to the CBD oil she can buy locally. She started the CBD oil along with bio-enteric curcumin and chemotherapy in October and her tumors have since reduced in size. If you’re not sure about taking CBD oil, give Ted a call! He is the easiest guy in the world to talk to and he will give you all of the information you need to make an educated decision.

Micah Nash

***** 31 weeks ago

Bought CBD 1000mg maximum strength for my German Shephard with hip dysplasia. On it for 2 months now appears to be helping immensely, more energy gets up and down easier. I believe it’s working well. Now, a family member with chronic emphysema, high blood pressure, arthritis has been using it for a month. Up to 10 drops twice a day now and says arthritis is better, blood pressure back to normal and holding, breathes better, less anxiety, sleeps better, and more energy. The doctor said whatever we are doing keep it up, seems to be helping greatly. Been a long time coming, finally a turn for the better.

Jason Teasley

***** 32 weeks ago

Nothing but good from B&A New Leaf oil. Ted gave me some great info the first time we spoke about his products. I was looking to try some different brands of CBD oil for my anxiety along with some for my pup that has seizures. The new leaf did not disappoint. Not to mention the ease of ordering, great support, and very fast shipping. Even the local delivery service is amazing which you are not going to find anywhere else. The main point is you can not go wrong with this company for your oils.


***** 32 weeks ago

I began using these products to relieve some joint stiffness and quite a bit of pain associated with that. What I wasn’t expecting was the relief of my anxiety. What a great side effect! I’ve been using CBD isolate for over a year now. The research I’ve been doing said full spectrum CBD would get better results. So thankful I found this product and Mr. Brannon. Ted was able to answer every question I had and was happy to deliver. Truly, he is “good people”! Give him a call. You won’t regret it!

Chuck Coffey

***** 49 weeks ago

A friend referred me to B & A New Leaf CBD oil 3 months ago…I’m typically a skeptic but I’m here to tell you it really works!! I’m a cancer survivor and had all kinds of aches & pains.I’m a believer!! You could possibly get off pharmaceutical meds. Great stuff!!!

Pj Brown

***** 50 weeks ago

My elderly dog was diagnosed with cancer in May 2018 they didn’t get enough cells to determine the type of cancer. aggressive or non. the vet’s first option was, we go to Tulsa specialist and have it removed. 2nd option was they could remove it. after much consideration & research, we decided to try CBD oil. She had a large knot on her right ankle. It is now 1/2 the size it was. She is happy, eating well and goes to the park every day with great enthusiasm. I will not have any testing done to determine cancer or whatever. I plan to decrease dosage at 6 months. She has been on it for 3. we are very pleased. Just to be clear, through my research CBD oil does not cure cancers but it is keeping her comfortable & has decreased the knot and we also applying essential oils to the ankle and research & planning on adding curcumin

Cynthia Wilburn

*****51 weeks ago

I became aware of CBD oil when my brother came to be with me during the funeral of my son 2 yrs.ago on Oct. 7, 2016. I didn’t know how I was going to cope and get through all the emotions I was experiencing. I wasn’t taking any anti-anxiety meds. or antidepressants and didn’t want to. He gave me a few drops the night before the viewing. I couldn’t believe how it relieved the pain in my heart and helped me cope with what I was going through, that was devastating. I became a believer quickly. A few months later I ended up with stress fractures in my right foot and a bulging disc in my back. The CBD oil helped me to be able to continue to work, while it controlled my pain. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis and because of multiple stress fractures I am experiencing, I continue to use the CBD oil for pain, anxiety, and with help to build bone density. So thankful my brother, Ted has a passion to help people who want a natural way to heal, cope, and get relief for just about whatever is bothering you.


***** 51 weeks ago

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner several months ago. I really enjoyed our conversation and the product, specifically the 1000mg full strength tincture. It decreased my anxiety and promoted restful sleep. Highly recommend!

Brenda Breshears

***** 52 weeks ago

I started giving the oil to my aging Lab (14 yrs) for hip dysplasia and he is doing much better. He has better mobility and is becoming more active. I will be starting my old Chihuahua on it to see if it will help in decreasing his seizures. Ted is awesome as far as Customer Service and Support. I will not go anywhere else.

Sheila Campney

***** 52 weeks ago

My husband and I started taking CBD oil in June. I am amazed how much better I feel and I am no longer taking the prescription medication I was on for anxiety and I don’t have the aching joints in my hands that I had before starting the oil. My husband who has chronic back pain and injuries from a severe motorcycle accident have finally found relief from the pain!! I strongly recommend  New Leaf on Life CBD for everyone!!!

Austin Welter

*****Aug 23, 2018

my dad’s been using the 1000mg bottle of this product for arthritis in his spine. Within a few weeks, he’s been able to get off of most of his meds. Highly suggest giving CBD products a shot if you’re looking for additional help with medical issues


This Post Has 2 Comments
    1. There is no difference that I know of. Everyone processes CBD differently. There is info on the web about using CBD Oil to quit smoking. I do not have any personal experience with that, however below is some info we found online. We have to be very careful with claims. My comments are from my personal experience and knowledge.

      How CBD Oil Helps People Quit Smoking
      Nicotine addiction is the number one reason cigarette smokers struggle to quit. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that more people in the United States are addicted to nicotine than any other drug. What’s more, the research suggests nicotine may be as addictive as cocaine or heroin.

      In a 2013 study, researchers tested the efficacy of inhaled cannabidiol (CBD) on smokers who wanted to quit cigarettes. The study lasted a week and included 24 test subjects. Half the group was given CBD, and the other a placebo; when the test subjects felt the urge to have a cigarette, they were told to use the CBD or placebo inhalant provided to them first. In the end, the results were encouraging: The 12 participants who received CBD reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked by about 40%, while the placebo group saw no reduction in the number of cigarettes smoked.

      CBD oil is becoming well-known for its potential in the treatment of a wide variety of health conditions and diseases. When it comes to cigarettes, many smokers are triggered by stressful situations. If this sounds like you, CBD oil could be a much healthier tool for managing these emotions, as there have also been recent and promising findings on using CBD oil to manage anxiety.

      Breaking the Cycle of Addiction with CBD Oil
      The cycle of addiction can impact an individual in a number of different ways. Beyond triggers in the environment, addiction is impacted by both emotional and cellular memory.

      The brain has a natural desire to create links. Anyone who has tried to quit smoking will know all too well that during that first coffee of the day, or perhaps after a meal, the desire to have a cigarrete suddenly amplifies as the brain connects that activity to the action of smoking. Breaking this chain of learned memories and reinforced behaviors can be a long process, and is one which adds another hurdle to quitting cigarettes.

      Encouragingly, there is evidence to suggest CBD oil may be able to help loosen the grip of these habitual triggers.

      A 2017 study on rats found that CBD disrupted the process of forming and reinforcing a preference for a specific environment based on its ties to addictive substances (in the study’s case, cocaine and morphine). The study concluded with remarks on the significant “therapeutic potential” of CBD in breaking the cycle of addiction and relapse where reliance on drugs was shown to be contextual, tied to certain memories, environments, or situations. So when it comes to quitting nicotine, CBD oil may help reduce the addictive associations formed between cigarettes and certain situations in which you’d habitually smoke.

      While initially quitting cigarettes can take an enormous amount of effort and self-control, continuing to stay away from smoking can be equally as challenging. While there’s yet to be studies on CBD oil’s effect on nicotine addiction specifically, ongoing research is producing promising results as far as using cannabidiol to stave off relapses. Of note, a 2018 study on rats addicted to alcohol found that “CBD attenuated context-induced and stress-induced drug seeking without tolerance, sedative effects, or interference with normal motivated behavior.” With these results in mind, CBD oil may help you manage the urge to reach for a cigarette in especially triggering or stressful situations.

      CBD Oil for Nicotine Withdrawal
      Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of well-being and happiness. Nicotine triggers a release of serotonin, which translates to the feelings of calmness and contentment associated with cigarette smoking. However, in between—and while quitting—cigarettes, nicotine withdrawal starts to set in and the decreased levels of serotonin in your brain can result in decreased energy, moodiness, anxiety, and depression. This is when you start to crave that next smoke.

      The cyclical and addictive nature of these serotonin peaks and troughs are one of the reasons nicotine users find it so difficult to quit.

      CBD oil can activate the brain’s 5-HT1A receptor, which boosts the availability of serotonin in a similar way to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants. (CBD oil is also being researched as a potential aid in managing depression.) So, CBD oil may help reduce the stress, anxiety, and irritability associated with attempts to quit smoking.

      More than just elevating mood, CBD oil can help reduce some of the physical symptoms of quitting cigarettes. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil may be able to reduce the headaches and other pains experienced when giving up nicotine.

      Finally, people who find it difficult to go to sleep at night without a cigarette may find it easier to fall asleep with CBD oil. CBD oil has been found to help people reach and maintain restful, restorative sleep without the unwanted effects often associated with prescription sleep aids. And for those who need a cigarette to get moving in the morning, you’ll be relieved to hear that CBD oil, when taken in small doses, can have an energizing effect.

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